About Us

Creating Social Games with Love and Innovation

Edrevu is a team of enthusiasts in love with the art of creating social games. We believe in the power of games that can unite people, create new connections and expand the horizons of virtual interactions. Our story began with the desire to change the understanding of social networks, giving them a more playful and fun character.

We don’t just develop games. We create worlds in which every player can find something special: whether it’s a new friend, an exciting adventure or just a place where you can be yourself. Our team consists of creative individuals who are able to translate the most daring ideas into reality.

At the heart of our work is the desire for innovation. We constantly research new technologies, analyze trends in the world of games and communication to create products that meet the most relevant needs of our users. Our approach to game development combines attention to detail, thorough analysis and an ongoing creative process.

We are proud to be not just game developers. We create platforms for interaction, learning and entertainment. Our goal is not just to make users spend time behind the screen, but to make this time meaningful, useful and memorable. Together we are building a community where everyone can find their place and their friends.

Edrevu is not just a company. This is a community of like-minded people united by a common desire to create the best social games. Join us and plunge into the world of fun, friendship and new discoveries!